What Brought Me To Cares

Donavan current serves as Board Treasurer for Cares.

I was instantly drawn to Cares mission when I was first introduced to the organization. My previous experience with other employment related programs helps me identify with Cares mission of creating opportunities for low incomes and disabled individuals. Passion and commitment are imperative to the success of any non-profit organization and Cares staff and board members passion and commitment for the mission are highly contagious.  

Having a background in both finance and program operations of non-profits also demonstrate to me the importance of balance between effective program execution and solid financial stewardship. I believe my unique skill sets provides an advantage to the organization and my hope is to be a part of the organization as they garner future success.

I strongly believe board service is a rewarding way to share my skill set and talents that serve a mission that I feel passionately about. Being on the board of non-profits requires patience and it has been the biggest takeaway so far during my service at Cares. It takes time to develop true results and outcomes takes time to progress and mature. The opportunity to learn and work with Cares board members and staff is a tremendous experience. It has allowed me to learn and understand more about relationship management as it relates to issues of leadership, finance, and other business areas. The unique experience of working with others with different backgrounds have shown me the true power of commitment. It has been an awarding journey to be a part of Cares and I look forward to many more years of service as we continue to serve the community.

Donavan Lam