The Cares Difference

The Cares Difference - Staff holding Motto

Our ability to not just offer complete services but ongoing support to our clients- is what sets us apart. Cares of Wa works with our clients from the very start of obtaining a job and all the way throughout the entire span of their employment. We place no time constraints on our clients and as long as they demonstrate both a willingness to advance and a consistent improvement, are there to support them every step of the way. Although, our work is not limited to supporting just our client.

We are ready to help his or her immediate family, too. We know that sometimes the barriers faced when obtaining and maintaining employment for our employee may impact other individuals in that family. Whether it’s having enough food on the table, an affordable place to live, access to affordable transportation, or even being safe at home, there are issues that we can help address that benefit not just our client but their family unit as well.

Cares of WA also integrates financial coaching into our service delivery model. Job coaches work to address barriers that prevent clients from effectively managing their money, such as credit issues, payday loans, and lack of financial skills. We help clients develop realistic budgets and savings goals that allow them to move forward financially.

Our Values

  • We find a way, period!

  • Constantly pursuing excellence

  • Accepting all, celebrating you

  • Commitment to YOU

  • Vocal champions for your success

  • Practical yet crazy!

Area & Population Served

Cares annually serves more than 700 individuals throughout Snohomish, King, Pierce, and Kitsap counties.

Our clients include:

  • Low-income individuals living with one or more disabilities

  • Unemployed or underemployed low-income adults

  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) recipients

  • Low-income employees facing barriers to continued employment and career advancement

Among our clients:

  • 70% have a disability

  • 66% have more than one disability

  • 30% have a physical disability

  • 20% live with mental illness

  • 50% have a cognitive disability

  • 15% are immigrants/refugees

  • 85% live at or below 200% of the federal poverty guideline.


All Cares’ services are free to clients that meet eligibility guidelines.