Open Doors And Change Lives

We all go through life searching for some purpose or meaning.  This can be especially difficult when we are faced with hardship, or we are ostracized for being different.  We become unseen and forgotten.  I feel the heartbeat of Cares resounds through our ability to assist the unseen and forgotten with finding purpose in life. Once life is given meaning there is a sort of ripple effect that occurs and what was once a seemingly broken spirit blossoms exponentially contributing to the powerful heartbeat we at Cares experience daily and spread to the communities we serve.  There is strength in numbers and giving a voice to the unheard is positively empowering.  We not only provide a positive client-centered experience to our clients, but we also educate the community and businesses on the importance of inclusion.  After all, inclusion is the foundation of humanity, without it, we would not be able to coexist.
— Tammette Chitwood | Employment Specialist, Cares Of WA

Since 1980, Cares of Washington has offered Services for Businesses who wish to add valuable employees to their workforce. Through the relationships built by the companies and Cares, many individuals with disabilities are realizing their dream to become employed and attain self-sufficiency. The relationships developed while working benefit the individual, the employer and the community.

Cares Of WA matches your business needs with a qualified, job-ready individual, providing training support and further ongoing support for your business and the employee.

Cares Of WA Employees discussing employer benefits

Benefits Of Being An Inclusive Employer Also Include:

  • Pre-screened referrals (by Cares)

  • No-cost recruiting – no agency fees

  • Job-ready applicants

  • Highly motivated employees

  • Ongoing support from Cares staff

  • Information about Americans with Disabilities Act

  • Job coaching and consultation specific to the participant’s disability

  • Increased workforce diversity

Federal Tax Incentives At-A-Glance

Employer Incentives for Hiring People with Disabilities:

To help employers capitalize on the value and talent that people with disabilities offer America’s workplaces, the Federal Government offers some tax credits for businesses. 

Overall, these incentives are intended to serve two purposes: 

  1. To encourage the hiring of individuals with disabilities.

  2. To support modifications and accommodations designed to enhance the accessibility of the workplace and productivity of workers with disabilities.

Download The Tax Incentive Fact Sheet Here

Connect for Success

An initiative of Cares of WA, Connect for Success is an innovative work benefit that companies can use to support their employees solve life/personal issues, saving the costly need for rehiring and retraining as the employee stabilizes and continues to be productive. 

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