ORCA Lift: Now there’s a more affordable way to get to work, school, shopping, day care or anywhere else you need to go. It’s ORCA LIFT, a new, reduced transit fare that can help you get more out of your public transportation system. Once you qualify for the ORCA LIFT program, you’ll receive an ORCA LIFT card registered to your name, with the same features every ORCA card has. You can load an E-purse value on your card to pay for trips one at a time, or load a discounted monthly pass that lets you take unlimited trips for an entire month. But what makes ORCA LIFT special is you have all the power and convenience of the ORCA card system at a fraction of the cost.

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Seattle Housing Authority’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program:  The Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program can help you increase your skill levels, education and employment to become self-supporting. The FSS Program is open to households, with or without children, that meet our eligibility requirements.

This program is voluntary and is open to all families living in public housing or receiving a Housing Choice Voucher. The program combines stable and affordable housing with staff support to help participants get access to what they need to reach their goals. The program also contributes money to a savings account on behalf of participants as their income from employment increases.

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Neighborcare Health Dental Clinics: Neighborcare Health Dental Clinics provide ongoing and urgent dental care, regardless of insurance status. We ask uninsured patients to pay on a sliding fee scale. Children and some adult groups are the first priority for limited comprehensive care appointments. Anyone experiencing a dental emergency is eligible to walk-in. For emergency dental or walk-in appointments, we see patients on a first-come, first served basis. We encourage you to call first.

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Utility Discount Program: The Utility Discount Program (UDP) helps you get current and stay current on utility payments by offering a discount of about 60% on your Seattle City Light bill and a 50% discount on your Seattle Public Utilities bill. This program is available for residential City Light and Seattle Public Utilities customers only and does not apply to residences used for business purposes. 

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