Do you have job listings on your website?
Our organization does not list jobs on our website. What we do is help you find and prepare for jobs that are listed on other websites, such as:
WorkSource Links:

How do I receive employment services from Cares of Washington?
In order to receive employment services from us you must have the following qualifications:

  1. Individual with a disability or experiencing low income
  2. Desire/ability to work
  3. Access to transportation (i.e., bus, train, Para-transit, car, rides, etc.)
  4. One way to qualify is to already be working with King, Kitsap, Pierce or Snohomish County Division of Developmental Disabilities, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, Department of Services for the Blind, SSI/Work Incentives. You can also pay privately for services if you are not working with one of these agencies.

What programs do you offer individuals with disabilities or individuals and families experiencing repercussions from low-income?

Can you help me if I have a Ticket to Work from Social Security?
Yes, we can help you discover your skills and abilities, prepare for and participate in a job search and link you to other agencies that will help attain your employment goal.  Contact: Nancy Engh at nengh@caresofwa.org or complete the online request for information.

How do I apply for State DDD services?
If you are, or will be living in Snohomish, King, Pierce or Kitsap County, contact State DDD at 1-800-314-3296. For additional information, visit their website.

How do I apply for Social Security benefits?
To receive benefits from the Social Security Administration, you must go through an application (link to application form under Contact) process. To begin this process, contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 or visit their website.

What is the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR)?
DVR, which is a Division of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, provides a wide variety of services that support eligible individuals to obtain employment, including vocational guidance, counseling, and development of an employment plan. For more information about their services, including how to apply, visit their website.

How long does it take to find a job?
There is no set time frame for each person. There are many factors to consider before a job that matches the goals of the individual and employer is found. It can take months and it’s more important to find a job where you can be successful long-term than to find a job quickly. Please remember Cares does not list jobs on our website. What we do is help you find and prepare for jobs that are listed on other websites, such as WorkSource Links:

Do you have one-to-one Job Coaches?
We provide 1-1 coaching to all clients as part of their job training.

How many individuals are currently in the Supported Employment Programs?
Cares of Washington currently works with approximately 200 people.

What areas of my life will the Asset Development or Self-sufficiency programs help me with?
We focus on four areas:

  1. Finances (personal budget, credit report, taxes, etc.)
  2. Support Services (Community Resources for clothing, transportation, housing, school, job equipment/licenses, etc)
  3. Coaching (tapping into your wisdom and strengths to guide you into attaining and managing the life you want for yourself
  4. We can also help you advance in your current job or help you find a different job with better pay/hours.

Do I have to be working a specific number of hours in order to qualify for the Asset Development or Self-sufficiency programs?
No, it doesn’t matter how many hours you are working in the Asset Development or Self Sufficiency programs; it only matters that you are working.

Do I have to have a disability in order for you to work with me?
We work with individuals who either have a disability or are experiencing low income (or both). If you do not have a disability but are experiencing barriers because of low income we can provide services.

I’m an employer who is interested in working with Cares. How do I go about that?
Cares welcomes participation from employers throughout King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties. Please contact Lars Nowack at lnowack@caresofwa.org.
Click here for more information about participating in our programs.

How do employers participate with Cares?
Employers provide opportunities to assess the skills, abilities and interests of our participants who have disabilities. This leads to greater success for both our employers and participants.

What programs are offered by Cares with respect to employers?
Click here to view our employers section.

As an employer, how do I know the employees you send me are ready to work here?
Cares staff work one-to-one with individuals to ascertain their strengths and interests and then match them with potential employers that meet both the individual’s and employer’s needs. Cares continues to work with both parties to maintain the relationship and evaluate the progress made and resolve any issues that may arise. It’s our ongoing participation that helps ensure success for both parties.

How can I support Cares as a Funder?
Public funders, private foundations and corporate sponsors are behind the success of Cares of Washington programs and services. Cares of WA is able to provide individualized services because of the support of contracts, grants and in-kind services from these entities. Due to their generous support, we are able to help people with disabilities and low income families move out of crisis and become self-sufficient. For more information please contact Lars Nowack at lnowack@caresofwa.org.

How can I participate with Cares as a Partner?
Our community partnerships effectively reduce barriers to advancement and self-sufficiency and allow for timely resolution of clients support needs. We collaborate with organizations such as Parkview Services and the YWCA’s Homeless Intervention Program (HIP) for housing services in order to leverage resources for individuals and families that are part of both programs. By working together, our participants have the safe housing and the support they need to ensure a secure future for themselves and their family.  We also partner with local community colleges and training providers to help individuals identify and complete job training that local employers find essential to a successful outcome. For more information please contact Lars Nowack at lnowack@caresofwa.org.