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King County Programs

Basic Food Employment & Training (BFET)
Want to improve your reading, math, English, or receive Job Skills Training? Need assistance finding a job or support services while in training? BFET assists clients who are receiving food assistance from DSHS find a job, complete training, and advance their career. 
Contact: Sue Koeller (206) 902-7150,

Supported Employment Program - funded by the Division of Developmental Disabilities 
Many people begin by working with Cares staff to develop a “Pathway to Employment Plan”.  This is a time to learn more about the interests, talents, abilities and support needs of the participant. It leads to choosing goals that are unique to each individual and may include developing the skills and attitudes that will appeal to today's employers, opportunities to learn more about what they have to offer an employer, or providing employment related experiences. Staff may work with the individual to locate volunteer sites as a way to try out types of work to see if they are a good match for their interests and abilities.
Contact: Gary Banis - 206- 938-1253,

Qualifying Requirements

  • Individuals must have a developmental disability, be 21 or older and enrolled with the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).
  • People can also purchase services through a PASS plan or pay privately for services.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 
This program provides individualized services to people who have a disability and who are eligible for employment-related services through DVR fee for service contracts. This program includes providing work-based assessments, job placement and retention and job coaching. Referral to Cares is made by your DVR counselor. 
Contact: Gary Banis (206) 938-1253,